Antique Sterling Silver Dog Table Lighter by Daniel & John Wellby London, 1890
20th Century Double-Headed Duck Decanter
An Antique 20th Century Large Cut Glass and Silver Mounted Cigar Ashtray with a Boar's Tooth Handle
Mid-20th Century Italian Wine Cooler, circa 1965
Collection of Mid-20th Century Baccarat Glass Toiletry Bottles, circa 1950
Novelty Ice Bucket in the Form of an Owl, English, circa 1910-1915
Stunning Modernist Silver Plated Ice Bucket with Lid Italian, circa 1960
20th Century French Bulldog Wine Cooler Austrian, circa 1935
Mid-20th Century 5-Piece Coffee Set Entitled Geometrie, France, 1970
A 20th century, Sterling Silver Three Tier Cigar and Cigarette Box with Vesta and Cigar Cutter by Tiffany
Mid-20th Century Sterling Silver Ice Bucket Made by Cartier
An Antique Boar’s Tusk Cigar Cutter
Late 19th Century Horn and Silver Beaker Date 1871 by George William Adams
Large Novelty Ice Bucket in the Form of a Dog, French, circa 1920-1925
English Cocktail Set in a Leather Case, circa 1930
20th Century Art Deco Enamel Cocktail Shaker 'The Barmaid' France, circa 1920
Mid 20th Century Glass Ice Bucket with Mounted Rams Head
A 20th Century Large, Ribbed Glass Lemonade Jug
 Impressive 20th Century Cocktail Shaker with Wild Boar Handle
Very Large and Impressive Pair of Horn and Silver Beakers, English, circa 1890
Beautiful Quality Modernist Silver Cruet Set by Makers RJS, London, 1981
Large Mid-20th Century Globe Champagne or Wine Cooler Italian, circa 1970
Mid-20th Century Drinks Tantalus, French, circa 1960
Mid-20th Century Wine Cooler by Gucci, circa 1970
Novelty 20th Century Art Deco Period Golf Bag Cocktail Shaker USA, circa 1930
Large Early 20th Century Hammered Silver Plated Tray by Hukin & Heath
Superb Zeppelin Cocktail Shaker
Early 20th century silver monkey cigar cutter dated London 1903
Very Large Silver Cigar Box with Cushion Lid Dated Birmingham, 1915
Monumental 19th Century Glass & Sterling Silver Novelty Champagne bottle, 1892
A Mid 20th Century Pair of Silver Champagne Coolers in a Hand Embossed Crocodile Skin by Maker Paolo Scavia, Valenza Italy circa 1945-50
A Pair of Liqueur Decanters with Small Shot Glasses by Hukin and Heath
Beautiful Figured Walnut Veneered Tray Dutch, circa 1840-1850
Superb Silver Tankard with a Nautical Theme, London, 1933
Novelty Bell Cocktail Shaker by Asprey & Co. London, 1935
Austrian Novelty Ice Bucket with an Elephant Mask Handle, circa 1930
Late 19th Century Ice Bucket and Wine Bottle Holder by Hukin & Heath, circa 1890
20th Century Art Deco Silver Plated Champagne Cooler, Italian, circa 1930
A 20th Century Art Deco Cocktail Shaker
Two Mid 20th Century Italian Silver Ice Buckets In the form of Aubergine
Large Oak Nautically Themed Boat Shaped Tray, circa 1880
Large Drinks Tray, English, circa 1960s
20th Century Art Deco Silver Mounted Decanter by Walker & Hall Birmingham, 1938

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