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Silver Enamel Film Inkstand by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company London, 1940

This is a stunning rare silver enamel film inkstand with a calendar by the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company, London 1940.

The Inkwells are formed as staked Film Canisters and the Calendar as a Clapper board.

The front of the base is engraved with ‘Presented to A.B.S. by those (a few of his names and W.A.C.) who know the extent of his achievements in the Film Case 1936 to 1940.'

The inkwells are also highly detailed in enamel with the names of films and, one the top of one, with 'Premier Stafford Productions Ltd.' The other, with 'Capitol Film Corporation Ltd.'

Under the lids, each inkwell is engraved 'This Can Made by KODAK Ltd. London, England.'

Details about The films which are named are:
- For Valour  1937, Director Tom Walls.
- It happened in Paris 1935, Director Carol Reed.
- Taras Boulba 1936, Director Alexis Granowski.
- Lilac Domino 1937 British operetta film, Director Charles Cuvillier.
- The Avenging Hands 1936, Director by Frank Richardson.
- No Monkey Business 1935, Directed by Marcel Varnel.
- Last Waltz 1936, Director Leo Mittler.
- Jericho 1937, Director Thornton Freeland.
- Hyde Park Corner 1935, Director Sinclair Hill.
- Play up the Band 1935, Director Harry Hughes.

There is a drawer on the reverse of the stand which contains the dates, months, and the years 1943-1956.

Dimensions: Height - 4." ; Length - 10" ; Depth - 6.14"

Overall weight: 1191.20 gms.




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