Desk Pieces

Silver Enamel Film Inkstand by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company London, 1940
Early 20th century French Gilded Ball Clock with Guilloche Enamel Circa 1910
An Antique 20th Century Large Cut Glass and Silver Mounted Cigar Ashtray with a Boar's Tooth Handle
Skeletal Brass Model of a WWII Spitfire Aircraft, circa 1945-50
French Art Deco Cigar Humidor
Large 20th Century Hardwood Globe Match Striker with Silver Collar, 1933
Very Large Mid-20th Century Glass and Silver Match Striker by Edward Viner, 1954
Pure Art Deco Crocodile Desk Set, circa 1925
Antique Sterling Silver Dog Table Lighter by Daniel & John Wellby London, 1890
Two 20th Century Art Deco Hermes Paris Crocodile Desk Set Pieces circa 1930-35
An Antique Tortoiseshell and Sterling Silver Carriage Clock
Enamel & Silver Easel Clock
Impressive Giant Silver Goliath Clock, circa 1910-1915
A Plane Smokers Compendium
Beautifully Engineered French Art Deco Silver and Gold Case, circa 1930
Brass & Leather Telescope by Broadhurst Clarkson & Co London 1942
A Early 20th Century Goliath watch with Sterling silver case Date circa 1910
Rare Early 20th Century Crocodile Desk Set circa 1910
20th Century French Art Deco Model of an Aircraft Mounted on a World Globe, French circa 1930
Early 20th Century Tortoiseshell & Silver Desk Set English, circa 1900
Large 20th Century Art Deco Desk Clock Made by Kendall of Paris, circa 1930
An Antique Boar’s Tusk Cigar Cutter
Rare Vintage Crocodile Desk Set by Vickery
Large Indian Carved Tower Watch Holder, Shimla, 1895

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