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Large 20th Century Art Deco Sterling Silver & Guilloche Enamel Photo Frame 1927

Large 20th Century Art Deco Sterling Silver & Pink Guilloche Enamel Picture Frame by Edward Mappin, Birmingham 1927.

The wonderful muted pink colour in the enamel really sets the frame apart making the piece very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The soft curved lines along the top of the frame create a sophisticated feel and would look great amongst any setting.

The frame is in excellent condition and It retains the original oak back and strut.

H 9.5 x W 7” x D 1/2”

About the maker;
The family firm was reportedly founded in 1810 by Joseph Mappin, and their sun trademark was granted in 1835 by the Cutlers’ Company. They were not known as Mappin Brothers until after 1852 when all four of Joseph Mappin’s sons had joined the company, after his death.

Mappin Brothers continued under Edward and Joseph Charles Mappin and acquired central London showrooms in 1856 and 1861, on King William Street at London Bridge, and Regent Street.





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