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Art Deco Model of a Boeing 314 Clipper Aeroplane circa 1938

An exceptional Art Deco Model of a Boeing 314 Clipper Aeroplane Circa 1938.

The Boeing Clipper was a long range Flying Boat made by the Boeing Aircraft Company in 1938 - 1942. They were built as a one class Luxury Aircraft with service to match, as shown in this internal illustration plate.

This was one of the largest Aircraft of its day with a massive wing span using a design of an earlier Boeing XB 15 bomber and this gave it the fuel capacity for Trans Atlantic & Pacific Ocean travel.
There were only 12 ever made.

It was the Pan American flagship it was also flown by British Imperial Airways which became later BOAC.

On researching this Aircraft and on more of a technical side, when this aircraft was on long hall transatlantic flight the flight engineer could regularly check the engines through a passage housed within the wing a far cry from today.

This piece is in original condition with aluminium detail throughout. It is mounted on a smooth rotating Stand.

H 20.08" W 30.52" D 24.02".





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